Our Company

They say that in order to understand the present of a company, first the past has to be known…

Gerardi is a last name with many years of experience in the automobile sport market.

Commercially, we were born in 1979 with the commitment to give solutions to the drivers and preparators of motorcycles and competition vehicles in Mendoza that faced not a few disadvantages caused by the different demands from the materials, mechanization and the development of parts related to the activity.

The commitment, the professionalism and the desire for growth showed by GERARDI MOTORSPORT allowed us to position our Company in first place in the market of Mechanical Constructions for Sport Motoring in the province.


We dared and we made a very different company, with clear objectives, forceful, with fast reactions to face the change. We dedicate ourselves to the construction of competition vehicles and to give solutions and advising to a great number of clients. That does not imply that we know it all, but that we are willing to permanently learn.


We are a family business, where we apply the same values that strengthen us as a family. Descendants of hard working Italian immigrants, their love to work was passed on to us with their life example motivating the team that is now GERARDI MOTORSPORT. 

We exercise transparency before the client, our suppliers and ourselves. The quality and the professionalism, that guarantee our labour, are the reasons for which our clients keep coming back.

We propitiate the constant improvement that makes possible our success; through new ideas we renew ourselves and we grow.

The team work - where the perfect circle is closed - obtains the balance, the effectiveness, and the transparency. Adding those features to personal caring for the clientele and the high degree of exigency in our in-house work; there are the keys of the success of GERARDI MOTORSPORT. 


Our work is endorsed by the training of a personnel highly qualified, who participates in training programs in the U.S. and Italy.

Our facilities offer the suitable physical frame for the work: a large high technology workshop for motorization with laboratory and test room, a department for the construction of chassis and suspension, a mechanizing room, and complete equipment for tests in circuits and services in boxes.

The sum of all these elements generates our distinguishing spirit. Services